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Teatro alla Scala

What | Audiovisual installation
Who | Teatro alla Scala
Where | Milan Italy


Lighting project: Mario Nanni



A temporary audiovisual installation designed for the facade of La Scala Theatre in Milan during LED (International Light Festival) as out-of-competition project and presented in occasion of the Christmas premiere while performing the original Carmen by director Emma Dante.


The installation is a 24 minutes audiovisual journey. Through simulating the 24 hours of a day and the imperturbable mutation of the sunlight in its intensity and colour shades, it also evokes the cultural and historical context of the city of Milan, the iconic theatre, Christmas and Leonardo da Vinci, a symbol of artistic and technological progress for Milan itself.


The audiovisual story begins with the rosy tones of timid dawn, to culminate with the glaring light of noon, then slip smoothly into the warm shades of twilight, and eventually simulate the soft artificial lights that virtually play with elements of the architecture – real or recreated – in the night.


The facade of the theatre, with its clean lines and the scan vertical and horizontal elements, becomes a theatre itself.



– Visual, artistic and historical research

– Art installation concept development

– Static and animated simulations

– On-site assistance in the development of the executive audiovisual content.

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