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San Colombano

What | Lighting Design Project
Who | Carisbo Foundation (Italy)
Where | San Colombano, Bologna, Italy


Lighting Design: Viabizzuno



San Colombano is a historical complex of rare beauty, which has recently required a new lighting design for its prestigious collection of ancient musical instruments.
It has long fulfilled the function of Monasterium, home and place of prayer over the centuries for various conventual orders, to acquire more recently the definition of ‘Casa del Mutilato’, always persevering in its primary vocation to assist the sick and disabled ones, as it did with the Order of the Sick that owned the complex in the past.


Through the pictorial, sculptural and architectural elements, the history of this place resurfaces and it reveals itself little by little. This place is a book that gives an account of remote time as well as a more recent past.


Different historical periods are mixed in the art and in the folds of architecture itself, through silent evidence of creative virtuosity and human ingenuity.


The instruments collected here are works of art themselves, small or large objects-symbol of history and sensitivity of those who over time have been able to lay their hands on them, and of those who have now taken steps to turn them into a precious collection.


– Historical and iconographic research

– Lighting Concept development and Project presentation

– Visual simulations

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