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Library of Light

What: Viabizzuno Product Communication
Who: Viabizzuno
Where: Worldwide



Viabizzuno is a renowned Italian lighting Company. In addition to lighting fittings, they also produce furniture for their showrooms all around the world.

Every single item exhibited in their showrooms tells of their unique process of developing an idea and realizing it.

Viabizzuno’s products library is the consequence of a thorough study on how to perfectly balance design and business needs, and to provide designers with an encompassing working tool.

The library is a composite system characterized by two lines, a lower one consisting of a set of modular drawers, and an upper one formed by a collection of boxes, in some cases left empty to be filled with projects or any other working material, in other cases containing lighting samples, labelled and arranged in alphabetical order.



– Development of the main concept of the library and the overall technical layout

– Design of a range of modular examples in order to show the customers how the system can fit different spaces

– Design of approximately two-hundred product containers

– Presentation of the project for the buyers

– Preparation of technical manuals and data sheets for Product, Sales and Procurement Departments

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