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Gize Water

What | Video Installation
Who | Gize
Where | Munich (DE)



Spa Springs (Nova Scotia, Canada) is the source of exceptional water.

On its way through the layers of rocks, the water acquires special mineral properties, and as a result, Gize is bottled in Spa Springs as gold-filtered mineral water.

The owner Company intended to organise a promotional tour across Europe. It had to be held in restaurants and other public places and target high-end young customers by conveying the preciousness of its luxury product.



In order to promote the luxury brand and its water to a young and cool customer target, we have conceived three animated and vibrant light books.

The first Gize Water book was dedicated to the history of the land and the water source, its precious golden features; the other two were let the customer discover the flavours – lemon/elderflower, raspberry/ginseng – and their perfect fusion with water through engaging and evocative motion images.

As coordinator of the temporary installation, my tasks were:

– Iconographic and audiovisual research

– Concept development of the animated contents

– Presentations of the project to the client

– Project coordination

– On-site assistance at the tour opening in Munich

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