/    /  Viaggio tra i Capolavori della Letteratura Italiana

Viaggio tra i Capolavori della Letteratura Italiana

What | Video Installation
Who | Fondazione de Sanctis
Where | Quirinale Palace, Rome, Italy


Lighting design: Mario Nanni, Viabizzuno



To celebrate the 150th-anniversary of the unification of Italy, the literary De Sanctis Foundation organised a temporary exhibition at Quirinale Palace – the residence of the President of Italy – with the purpose of presenting original manuscripts of some of the most significant masterpieces of the Italian literature, from Boccaccio’s Decameron to Manzoni’s The Betrothed.


The project aimed to give the highest emphasis to the precious documents by designing a minimal and dark space made of black screens that hid the decorated walls of the Palace. The lighting proposal complied with the general project requirements in its rigorous choice of the best elements to preserve the integrity of those precious manuscripts. To illuminate each document – closed into a glass showcase – M. Nanni proposed a narrative and emotional light able to instil new life in those masterpieces.


To celebrate the exhibition opening, Viabizzuno designed four light books – video installations dedicated to the renowned D. Alighieri, L. Ariosto, G. Galilei, G. Leopardi. The books presented, through light and images in motion, a summa of major works and cornerstones in the life of the four selected authors.



– Artistic and historical research

– Supervision of the video installations

– Post-production and editing of L. Ariosto’s light book

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