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What: Trade Show Stand Design Project
Who: Adnoc Company
Where: Abu Dhabi (UAE)



ADNOC is the largest group of companies that extract and distributes oil and gas in the UAE.

ADIPEC is the largest Trade Show in the UAE.


ADNOC intended to participate at ADIPEC with a stand that conveyed – through architecture and communicative contents – the group’s principles in a simple and direct way, drawing people inside.

Our client required that specific objectives had to be met: the stand had to tell the story of the group, its current activities and plans for the future clearly, without using staff to entertain visitors; each company of the group had to have its own space and communication materials; an important part of the space and the communication strategy needed to be dedicated to young people and their training; the space had to become an emotional overarching experience to the visitor; the stand had to be recognisable from a distance and stand out over the others.

The space dedicated to ADNOC was 700 square metres and the first to be seen entering the pavilion.



The project:

The entire space is designed like a series of volumes bound together: at the entrance, two massive walls, eight-metres high, blue colour like the ADNOC logo, are clearly visible from a distance. The walls – one straight and one inclined – create a sort of narrow canyon in which cascades of letters and words related to ADNOC’s values are projected.

Along the corridor there are two light books, one of which tells the history of the country, the other the environmental heritage.

The centre of the stand is a sort of large square bounded by steps and pillows, which visitors can sit on and discuss, and ten panels on both the long sides, each of them dedicated to one company and its activities.

Seven companies, the most relevant in the group, are presented through videos and interactivity.

In the centre stands a big wooden tree as a symbol of the group, with ‘roots’ that draw strength from the earth and metaphorically represented by a large map of Abu Dhabi, while the branches represent the companies.

Other two interactive books at the end of the square are dedicated to the training of young people and schools.

At the back of the stand is a big library, ideally containing cultural, historical, traditional heritage of the country and of the Group.

This area is used as reception, for distribution of communication materials, catering, and technical storage. Near this area are located custom-designed tables and seats to welcome and rest visitors.



– Analysis of the Group and of each related company;

– Textual, iconographic and video collection

– General concept development

– Presentations and revisions with the client

– Executive design team coordination

– Relations with contractors

– Development of the whole communication of the stand (provided in both English and Arabic language): walls, panels, tree, ground map, library, core drill exhibition, gas station, tables, lecterns.

– Graphic and concept study for the light books

– Quotations

– On-site assistance

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