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05. Last minute heart

12th April

Sitting on a vintage light brown armchair, I stare at a magnificent shiny black horse riding in front of me.
Soft mane billowing in the wind; nostrils rhythmically expanded to ease the breathing.

Waiting for an attendant to sort my debit card, and being mesmerized by those furry waves projected onto a few seconds video loop, I just think that what made me pick Lloyds among other London banks two years ago was that black horse.
I’ve never fully investigated the profound reasons why. However, my inner seismograph has always reached its emotional peak when being in contact with the animal terrain.
Since I was a child, from what I remember.
Animals are one of the most powerful emotional factors which bring me – along with many others – to make decisions even on rational matters, like choosing a bank, and it seems that also marketers know this human herd – which I belong to – very well.

Not without pleasure, I admit that I’m a very well organised last minute planner.
Debit card sorted. Sterling exchanged. Travel insurance bought. Boarding pass printed. Luggage tests,


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    Beautifully written. I’m looking forward to reading the next.

    8th July 2017

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